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Babylon like Sodom. Chapter 18:9-19

The great luxuriousness of Babylon will cry out for vengeance.They will be eating and drinking,marrying and giving in marriage.Also there will be cruelties inflicted upon enemies and slaves as they are made to contribute to their ease and luxury.(18:13).

"The iniquity of Sodom was...pride,fulness of bread and prosperous ease...neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy"(Ezek 16:49)

This will reach its deepest depths in Babylon and therefore shall her judgment be sudden as it was on Sodom.

The western world has long been going on the same road.Still the demand is for less work,more pay,more idle time,more soft living,more self-indulgence accompanied by more rejection of God and more carelessness as to eternity.

The Final and Sudden Destruction of Babylon in the End Days.18:8,10,17,19.

Babylon's sudden destruction is repeated many times in chapter 18:"For this reason in one day her plagues will come"(v.8).."For in one hour your judgment has come"(v.10)."For in one hour such great wealth has been laid to waste"(v.17)."For in one hour she has been laid waste"(v.19)."Thus will Babylon be thrown down with violence and not be found any more"(v.21)

Seraiah,who went into captivity in Babylon along with King Zedekiah,was told by Jeremiah to read the scroll on which he had written the words of judgment against Babylon and then throw it into the Euphrates with the words:"Thus shall Babylon sink down and not rise again"(Jer 51:60-64).

This sudden destruction of Babylon was not accomplished by the Persian,King Cyrus,when he took over Babylon and its kingdom in 539-538 BC.

Historical records show that he did not damage the city but rather he beautified it.

When the Greeks took over the city from the Persians in 331BC,Alexander the Great was welcomed into the city but he did not damage it.

After the Greek Empire, came the Roman Empire, and they also did not damage or destroy Babylon, in fact,in the time of the Roman Emperor Augustus,Jews were still living in Babylon and the historian Theodoret said that Jews were living there in the 5th century AD.

In 1100AD,it seems to have grown into a town of some importance for it was known as "the Two Mosques".Shortly after that, it was enlarged and called Hillah,the name it is called by today.We know that this is the city which Nebuchadnezzar built because the bricks of the buildings have his name still stamped on them.

After the final destruction of Babylon, just before Christ's return, Isaiah's prophecy will come true:"It will never be inhabited or lived in from generation to generation"(Isa 13:20)

The final destruction of Babylon,in the last days,will be by the Medes along with other nations from the north of Babylon.The present-day Kurds are thought to be descendants of the Medes.(Jer 51:11,28).

Zechariah's Prophecy on the Rebuilding of Babylon in the Last Days.(Zech 5:5-11)

Zechariah sees an Ephah going forth(v.6).An Ephah was a measure used in business transactions and speaks of trade and commerce.A woman called "Wickedness"was thrown into the Ephah and a lead cover was put on its opening.Then two women with wings like those of a stork,came out of the ephah and carried it to the Land of Shinar where Babylon is situated,where she will build a house.It may be significant that a stork is a bird which always returns to its nest of previous years which indeed would be true of Babylon in the case of Babylon being restored in the end days.

Various world dictators had plans to restore and rebuild the City of Babylon. Alexander the Great made Babylon his centre but died before he could rebuild it.

G.H.Pember,one of the foremost Bible teachers of the 19th Century,the period in which Napoleon was active,was reliably informed of Napoleon's plans,captured by the British,to drain the Euphrates and make it an important commercial port and to rebuild Babylon around it.

Hitler's armies were also moving in that direction before they were defeated by the allies in 1944.

Saddam Hussein restored Nebuchadnezzar's Babylon but failed to make it a place of commerce.Even today we can see the great battles going on in this area of the Middle East for the control of Syria and Iraq.

Napoleon once said,"He who holds Babylon,holds the key to India and the world"

To be continued