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Kids Group

Kids Group

"Train up a child in a way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it".
Proverbs: 22:6 verse from the Bible tells us the importance of training a child according to the word of God. In the life of a believer, church plays a vital role in developing, strengthening and sustaining a Christian.
As William Wordsworth said, "Child is the father of man" which means that all our positive and negative traits are established when we are young. Indeed, if you watch children at play, you will notice them demonstrate certain characteristics which remain with them forever. All the Christians must be aware of the importance of the spiritual growth and development of their children.

"Chasten thy son while there is hope". Proverbs: 19:18. Surely, we beleive it is a wise thing to "Catch them young and teach them young".
For the above reason Lord told Israel to teach their children the word of God right from the childhood so that they may live long and they may live happily. Deuteronomy: 6:4-9

For the same reason the church has Sunday school for children every Sunday so that they may be taught and trained in the Word of God from young age.
These weekly programmes help the children not only in learning spiritual songs, rhymes and the Word of God but also help them to grow spiritually and develop to be good Christians.

Every Sunday during the Church service seperate classes are held by the Sunday school teachers to teach children special songs and tell them stories which carry a gospel message and are given a Bible verse to memorise. Thus the children learn the word of God and taste the love of Christ through the songs and stories told by the Sunday school teachers. Children are also given an opportunity to solve puzzles in Bible literature which helps them to improve their Bible knowledge.


Special sessions for Sunday school kids are organised time to time whenever they have holidays. They learn new songs and skits to perform in the church for Christmas and Easter. Children participate very enthusiastically and are motivated to perform well and they are even rewarded with gifts for encouragement.


As of schools are closed for the summer term children are given a special opportunity through VBS generally conducted every year during summer vacation. A special programme is drafted by the church for the young children below the age of 14yrs. VBS teachers teach special songs make the children learn and memorise valuable verses from the Bible. This programme not only keeps the children engaged but also keeps them away from the worldly attraction.

It is the duty of the church to teach and train the younger ones to learn and abide by the word of God so that when they grow they may be good witnesses of the Lord.
"If they don't learn to honour the most Holy one when they are young, how can they care the lesser things in future?" Ephesians: 6:12-17 and Colossians: 3:20